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Gutter & roof Cleaning
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Gutter & Roof Cleaning

in Northumberland | Alnwick

Ensuring your gutters allow rainwater to drain freely is an essential part of property maintenance. Ignoring your gutters can cause serious damage to your property.

If a gutter is blocked the water will overflow and cascade down the walls causing dampness inside the house and possibly washing away cement from between bricks. This could be a very expensive repair that may not be covered by your insurance if the gutters weren’t regularly cleared out.

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Why do gutters get blocked?

Leaves and twigs from surrounding trees get trapped in the gutter, especially in Autumn. If not removed quickly they quickly turn into compost which clogs up the gutters even more.

As well as blocking the gutter, this compost is very heavy and can cause the gutters to become dislodged and crash down to the ground.

How do we remove leaves and clear your gutters?

Our ground-operated industrial vacuum can clear even high up, hard to reach gutters like those found on warehouses, apartment blocks, and townhouses, as well as standard homes. A video camera can be attached to the nozzle so that we can check no debris is missed and you can be sure that we have cleaned the gutter completely.

If necessary we can climb a ladder and unblock your gutters by hand using a trowel. We also have access to an elevated platform or cherry picker to access at height and hard to reach gutters.

We also make sure that downpipes aren’t blocked and channel water straight into the drains.

Roof Moss Removal

Get it Removed

Moss, Algae & Dirt Problems Solved

Over time, driveways patios and roofs can become covered in moss and unsightly algae especially if they are often in the shade. Slippery driveways and decking are dangerous slip hazards.

Moss can cause a lot of damage to tiles on a roof. Its small roots get between slates and tiles and slowly prise apart the structure of the roof. It holds onto moisture causing dampness and prevents rainwater from running clearly off the roof.

Our specialist rotary pressure washers are designed to remove the moss from the roof without damaging it. We can tackle any roof cleaning job even, those at height using scaffolding and a cherry picker if needed.