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Domestic & Commercial Window Cleaning
in Northumberland | Alnwick

Domestic & Commercial Window Cleaning

in Northumberland | Alnwick

We clean office, shop, and school windows as well as house windows of all sizes.

We provide specialist window cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients throughout Northumberland from our Shilbottle (near Alnwick) base.

Our experienced window cleaners are skilled in cleaning house, shop, and office windows. We use both the traditional hand wash method as well as the latest pure water Reach and Wash system to get the perfect streak-free finish

ABC cleaning windows on Reach and Wash
ABC cleaning worker cleaning shop front

Traditional Clean

Sometimes, a traditional window clean, using warm soapy water and a squeegee, is the best option to get your home or business’s windows cleaned.

Reach and Wash

More often we use the Reach and Wash system where pure water is used. The pure water is piped from a tank in our van to a special telescopic head that applies it to your windows. Any impurities or dirt particles on the glass are dislodged by the scrubbing action and held in the water. As the pure water strives to return to its impure state, it gathers and holds the dirt. The glass is given a rinse with water fed poles, and any water left on the glass will be clean and pure, free of dirt. The result is a clear, streak-free finish that dries naturally.

Reach and Wash pole washing high wondows